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Silver Bullet Enterprises is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible technologies that enhance people’s lives. Our Chitosil product is backed by 11 years of wound care research and product development. Chitosil provides an innovative approach in the treatment, management and healing of chronic and acute wounds. Our products are tested extensively to insure product quality and efficacy. In addition, the company is dedicated to new ideas and continuous innovation in developing the next generation of wound care solutions. Silver Bullet Enterprises continue to provide the highest quality of protection and enhance healing for wound care.

Silver Bullet Enterprises is headquartered in Lafayette Louisiana.

Testimonials for ChitoSil Wound Care 

After having a triple by-pass I was put on aspirin and fish oil to keep my blood thin. I am also a tennis teaching pro so in the summer my skin thins from the sun and of course I get knicked up a lot. It is not rare for me to bleed 3 hours or more from only a minor scratch. This gets blood all over my clothes and anything else I am around. A minor scratch looks like I’ve been in a knife fight. Three squirts of Chitosil and the bleeding stops. For most people this is a great product. For me, it is a life changer.

Bill Bryan


Chitosil is a product that we always keep on hand at my job. I shuck oysters at my job, so from time to time we get cuts on our hands and are almost guaranteed to get an infection. Before I started to use Chitosil, a minor cut on our hands would last 9-10 days. Now by day 3 or 4, the cut is ready to be aired out and ready for healing. From now on, I wouldn’t use any other product on my wounds, I’m a firm believer in the product and would recommend for everyone to keep it in his or her medicine Cabinet.
-Nick Deshotel


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