I am a Type II Diabetic and disabled from spina bifida.


I’ve been using ChitoSil for over a year. I was applying ChitoSil twice a day, once in the morning and once at night on the top of my foot for a large wound that previously was not healing due to the diabetes.


After the ChitoSil applications for 3 straight months the wound completely healed and the ChitoSil completely prevented any infection from occurring.


I continue to use ChitoSil for any present and future wounds that may occur because of my condition.
I love Chitosil & would highly recommend it’s use for difficult to heal wounds.


-Jerry Liner


“After having a triple by-pass I was put on aspirin and fish oil to keep my blood thin. I am also a tennis teaching pro so in the summer my skin thins from the sun and of course I get knicked up a lot. It is not rare for me to bleed 3 hours or more from only a minor scratch. This gets blood all over my clothes and anything else I am around. A minor scratch looks like I’ve been in a knife fight. Three squirts of Chitosil and the bleeding stops. For most people this is a great product. For me, it is a life changer.”

Bill Bryan

Chitosil is a product that we always keep on hand at my job. I shuck oysters at my job, so from time to time we get cuts on our hands and are almost guaranteed to get an infection. Before I started to use Chitosil, a minor cut on our hands would last 9-10 days. Now by day 3 or 4, the cut is ready to be aired out and ready for healing. From now on, I wouldn’t use any other product on my wounds, I’m a firm believer in the product and would recommend for everyone to keep it in his or her medicine Cabinet.
-Nick Deshotel